Some Cool Stuff Is Coming To Fortnite Season 3


Some Cool Stuff Is Coming To Fortnite Season 3

I have been having a great time playing Fortnite on PlayStation 4 (so
much that I am thinking of starting a new profile on Xbox One) and I
like you guys cannot wait for Fortnite season 3, which is released
today as I write this, the 22
nd of February.
In case you did not know, Season 3 of Fortnite is going to have a space
theme which looks and sounds pretty cool and certainly a huge
departure from the medieval setting that we currently have.
Us who have the Battle Pass will be getting a space suit that we can
wear as we battle. However there are also some other cool things
coming, one of which has been getting a lot of attention in the last
few days and that is Skydiving Trails. The idea here is that they
will make you look like a spacecraft that is re-entering the
atmosphere with sparks and fire all around. The effect is certainly a
lot of fun and it looks pretty cool.
One thing though is that while the loot in Fortnite is supposed to be
cosmetic. This new Skydiving Trail could have an impact on gameplay.
It is super bright and noticeable, so you very well may be giving
away your position much easier to other players. At the same time
though, you may look like so much of a badass that people high tail
it out of there when they see you falling to the map!
Fortnite Battle Royal has been a huge hit and the fact that it is free to play
and most certainly not pay to win has gotten many gamers willing to
throw Epic Games a few bucks here and there to show support…. And
get some cool looking loot too!

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