Fortnite Is Getting Some Awesome Updates


Fortnite Is Getting Some Awesome Jetpacks!

Like many of you guys, I have been having a blast playing Fortnite. It is like each update, Epic games do make the game even more fun. Proof of this is the revelation that coming soon to Fortnite is jetpacks!
Why jetpacks are coming, when they are coming and how they will work…. No one seems to have a clue just yet, but the whole Fortnite community is flipping out over this because if there is one thing that is known for sure, jetpacks are awesome!
It is interesting to think of how this will impact gameplay. Will the jetpacks have a limited use? Will everyone get a jetpack or will they be laying around the map like weapons are? There are so many possibilities with adding jetpacks to the mix. On one hand, they will be great if you are in a pinch, but I have come across some very skilled snipers in Fortnite, who I am sure are loving the thought of people using a jetpack.
As season 3 just started, I do not think this jetpack update will be released super soon, but Epic games must have some kind of idea when they want to unleash this craziness into the world of Fortnite! For me, Fortnite excels because it is all about having fun, while there is, of course, a real skill element to the game. I have had the best games when I get lucky!
No doubt the addition of jetpacks is going to make things even more fun and nuts!