Looking At The Call Of Duty WW2 Expeditionary Division

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Looking At The Call Of Duty WW2 Expeditionary Division

We have been taking a closer look at all of the divisions in Call Of Duty WWII and today we are looking at the Expeditionary division.
We know that the name of this one makes it one of the more unknown of the divisions in Call Of Duty WWII, but the idea of the Expeditionary division is that it is the class for players who are all about running around and getting close up to the enemy before they strike. Going for a one or two shot kill before the enemy knows you are even there.
Now you may think that we are talking about stealth here, but we are not. You see the Expeditionary division is all about things like the awesome, Winchester 1897 and other shotguns. Weapons that do a lot of damage, but require you to be up close and personal to get the full effect. We love the modifiers that this class has such as offering flame shotgun rounds and extra mags to help you out.
A new player to Call Of Duty WWII would be able to jump in with the Expeditionary division, but there is a bit of risk and reward kind of thing going on here, which to be fair is the case with some of the other classes as well. But we feel more so with this one as it can dish out a lot of one hit kills, but in order for this to happen, you have to risk getting close to the enemy.
If running and gunning is something you like to do and you like to take an enemy down with one powerful hit, you can certainly do it with the Expeditionary division.