The First Call Of Duty WW2 DLC Comes To PS4 Then Xbox One


The First Call Of Duty WWII DLC Comes To PS4


This really is not a surprise as Activision will give exclusivity to whatever console is in the lead. Last gen it was Xbox 360 and this gen it is PlayStation 4.
During the Sony conference at Paris Games Week. Sony made a pretty big announcement about the first DLC for Call Of Duty WWII. It is going to be called The Resistance and it is available for download on the 30th of January.
When this DLC is going to be available on Xbox One and PC was not announced, but at the very least you would expect it to be 30 days. Not many details were given on what the DLC is either. Just a map that showed Poland, Czechoslovakia, and France so we can assume this is where the DLC will be set. It will be interesting to see if any Zombies or single-player DLC will be included with The Resistance or if it is just going to be more map packs.
Most of you have probably seen the Call Of Duty WWII commercials on TV and online that proudly say that map packs are available first on PlayStation. So we are not surprised this is the case with this DLC at all. We just kind of wish, Sony teased a little bit more in regards to what is actually going to be part of this DLC.
We really could not be any more excited for this year’s Call Of Duty and while we are sure the campaign, zombies and the multiplayer is going to be a lot of fun. It is good to see that once again, Activision has an eye on supporting the game for the upcoming year.