Call Of Duty WWII And Other FPS Are Heavily Discounted On Xbox One


Call Of Duty WWII And Other FPS Are Heavily Discounted On Xbox One

I am a big fan of Major Nelsons Blog and today he has posted about some upcoming deals that are taking place on Xbox One. What has caught my interest is that Call Of Duty WWII and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered are both on this list!

Call Of Duty WWII is on sale for $39, you can probably get it cheaper used, but if you want to buy it digitally this is not a bad saving at all for all the content you get in the game, I feel that 39 bucks is a great deal for Call Of Duty WWII.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered has also had its price dropped a little bit. I recently saw this for around 30 bucks in my local store so seeing it for $24 is not a bad deal at all. I think the asking price here is great, but I do wonder if there is a chance we might get a double pack when Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is released?

While Call Of Duty appears to be the main event of this current Xbox sale, a couple of other first person shooters are also on special offer. Star Wars Battlefront II is now only $24. I know this game got a ton of bad press and rightfully so, but I freaking love this game. It has a great campaign (if you love Star Wars) multiplayer is great and if you are just jumping in right now all of the BS that we had to deal with when the game first launched has been fixed. I honestly think that for as much content as Battlefront II has that $24 is a freaking steal!

The last first person shooter that is on sale that I want to give you a heads up on is Battlefield 1 Revolution which is $15 so if you love Battlefield this could be something that interests you.

I think this is a great sale and if you have an Xbox One, I highly suggest you check out this sale. While I love Call Of Duty WWII, I think that the real star of this sale (no pun intended here) is Star Wars Battlefront II, I am kind of jealous of the people who get to come into this game now and experience it in its current state, unlike people like me who had to deal with all the garbage when the game launched.