How Is Call Of Duty WWII Zombies The Darkest Shore?


How Is Call Of Duty WWII Zombies The Darkest Shore?

As a huge fan of the zombie’s modes in the previous Call Of Duty games, I was excited to get my hands on the Darkest Shore. This is the new chapter in the Call Of Duty WWII zombies mode, which had a far higher emphasis on horror. Which I have recently learned is because many of the people who worked on this worked on Dead Space. I do not know why I missed this information during development, but I loved Dead Space so hearing that those guys are behind Call Of Duty WWII zombies makes a lot of sense.

The Darkest Shore takes place right after The Final Reich, literally just a few days. The team ends up on a dark, mysterious and messed up German island that is full of horrors. What they have done with this new zombies chapter is ramp up the tension to a 10. The whole island is full of fog and in some places, it can be hard to see right in front of your face and when the zombies are chasing you down or when you can hear them, but not see them. It really does add a level of tension.

While there is a lot of forest area in the game, trenches and indoor areas are also here and I felt that these were rather claustrophobic and kept you in tight quarters to make sure things stayed tense. I have had a lot of fun with The Darkest Shore, but even though the atmosphere was great and the new looking zombies are truly horrific, I just wish it lasted a little longer.

I think that there really is the potential for a Call Of Duty Zombies spin off and I think that Nazi Zombies could have been the game to pull that off.