The Way Call Of Duty WW2 Handles Health


The Way Call Of Duty WW2 Handles Health Makes It So Much Harder!

Ok, so today I am talking about something a little bit weird and honestly something that I never actually thought about before. That is, Call Of Duty WWII is really hard and that is because of the way your health does not regenerate and how you solely rely on health packs and a medic who knows what the heck they are doing!
Of course, this has to be the case as the game is set in World War II, but the futuristic COD games did spoil us a little bit in some regards. I actually like how brutal Call Of Duty WWII is in regards to health if you make a mistake, take a lot of gunfire, you are pretty much screwed unless you get lucky. There seems to be far less room for error in this Call Of Duty game and while at first, it makes the game a little frustrating. I feel that in the long run, it makes the game a much more rewarding experience, especially when you get a good kill streak going before someone inevitably takes you down.
The majority of first person shooters these days will allow you to run behind a wall, take cover for a minute and you have your health back. In Call Of Duty WWII, there are actual consequences for your actions and that is something I have grown to really like about the games.
Do you guys prefer regenerating health or do you like the fact that Call Of Duty WWII makes you have to heal yourself?