One Thing That Call Of Duty Does Not Get Enough Credit For


One Thing That Call Of Duty Does Not Get Enough Credit For!

One Thing That Call Of Duty Does Not Get Enough Credit For 
As you know here at Mods “R” Us, we are huge fans of Call Of Duty and have been having a great time with Call Of Duty WW2 and feel that it is one of the best entries in the series so far. To be honest with you, Call Of Duty is a series that has had far more hits than misses and even the games that are classed as misses (Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare) are not actually bad games at all.
What I want to talk about today is how underappreciated the multiplayer in Call Of Duty is…… “what” is maybe what you are thinking of right now. But it is not the online multiplayer that I am talking about, but the local split screen. This is something Call Of Duty does better than any other first person shooter. Many games, great games like Overwatch and Titanfall 2 are great games, but they do not allow you to play with a buddy sitting right next to you.
In the early days of Call Of Duty, the local co-op was a big deal, I still remember awesome four player games on the GameCube! It is great that they have not lost sight of this and allow you and a friend to not only play online together, but you can sit next to each other and play split screen as you do. Playing Zombies like this is one of my favorite things to do in Call Of Duty WWII and it is something I cannot recommend highly enough.
It is easy to call out Activision for the annual Call Of Duty series, but not enough people give them credit for the things they do right such as being one of the only major first person shooter games to still offer split screen multiplayer action.