Zombies World Championship 2 Is Happening This August


Zombies World Championship 2 Is Happening This August

Now here is an eSports championship that I can get behind! Last year Matt “Mcsportzhawk” Cobuzio who is a popular YouTuber was a co-founder of the first Call Of Duty Zombies world championship. It was a fun event that clearly had a lot of love put into it and for a first time event offered an impressive 20 grand prize pool.

Unfortunately, there was a last minute venue change and more than a few technical hiccups showed that this was a first time event. Still, it was fun and thanks to the popularity of Zombies in Call Of Duty we are getting a second event.

This time the event is being held in Orange County California at the eSports Arena. The production behind this year’s event is said to be much better. To be fair though those hiccups last year were probably down to the last minute venue change. As well as a proper eSports venue they also have a big time sponsor, Elgato Gaming. The prize pool has also been bumped up to 30 grand. In all this has all the makings for a really fun and intense event.

Last year all kinds of Zombies records were set so you can bet people will be trying again this year. The finalists will be a mixture of YouTube and Twitch streamers who play against regular joes who are classed as the online finalists. On the 3rd of August, the YouTube and Twitch streamers will play in a kind of semifinal to see who will get to play the online finalist in the finals on the 5th of August.

If you love Zombies this is well worth taking a closer look at. I think this is going to be a lot of fun and not too pretentious like some other eSports events have started to become.

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Battlefield V Alpha Feedback


Battlefield V Alpha Feedback

I was not one of the chosen few where were lucky enough to be part of the Battlefield V alpha. Which makes me realize that I really need to pre order it, I have been meaning to do it for ages! Anyway, DICE have posted some pretty interesting feedback in regards to how the Battlefield V alpha went and what fixes they are working on before the beta in September.

The biggest issue that people seemed to have was how the game put them in a group. Some players would arrange to play together but have a hard time doing so or they would play together, but then the next match would have them no longer in a squad. This along with the location of the people they pair you up with is going to be fixed, hopefully in time for the beta.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, DICE did not really say a whole lot in regards to what is going to be worked on. Apparently in game reviews are pretty darn slow and that is something they are aware of and are going to try and fix. Ammo drops are said to be few and far between and this again is something DICE are aware of and are currently fixing.

From the sounds of it as far as an alpha goes it seems like there was not anything horribly wrong and those who were part of the Battlefield V alpha seemed to all have a good time.

Battlefield V is being released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this October. The beta is scheduled for September so keep an eye open for when that will be.

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Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta News


Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta News

We have gotten used to having betas for Call Of Duty during the summer, but Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is doing things a little differently as it is getting two different kinds of betas.

The first open beta that is taking place will first be available to PlayStation 4 players. This is taking place on the 3rd of August and will last for the whole weekend. The reason that PlayStation owner gets to play the Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 beta first is that there is still that exclusivity best buddies thing going on with Activision and Sony.

Xbox One and PC Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 players will get to take part in the open beta for Black Ops 4 on the 10th of August so it is only a week later. From what we know this beta is going to let players have some fun on two new maps as well as some that they will have already experienced before.

Then at some point in September, PlayStation 4 players are getting the chance to test out the Blackout mode. I have not been able to tell if the Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout mode beta is only going to be available for PlayStation owners or if it will come to Xbox and PC as well.

I am really looking forward to getting the chance to play some Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. This year’s game looks like it is going to be a ton of fun and I am actually already over the fact that there is no campaign.

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Thoughts On The Battlefield 5 Campaign


Thoughts On The Battlefield V Campaign

It has been pretty well documented that Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII is ditching the campaign in favor for their new Blackout mode which is their take on Battle Royale. Well the folks at DICE have not forgotten about people who enjoy a single player campaign as Battlefield V will have one.

The Battlefield V campaign has not really released many details in terms of the actual story. What we do know is that it is going to feature “War Stories” which made up the Battlefield 1 campaign. So rather than there being one large story, Battlefield V will feature smaller stories that focus on different characters. I actually like the sound of this as it has been rumored that we will get to experience the war from all sides.

On the flip side of this, I have to say that Sledgehammer Games did a tremendous job with the Call Of Duty WWII campaign. Honestly, I freaking loved it, it was one of the best campaigns that they have done. I felt like I was in a World War II movie that was directed by Steven Spielberg, that is how good it was.

So while Activision is not bothering with a campaign this year, DICE and EA still have a lot to live up to with theirs after what Sledgehammer Games did last year. While I do not think that the Battlefield V campaign will be able to boast the same kind of roller coaster narrative that the Call Of Duty WWII one did. I do think that the way we will be playing as multiple characters from different places and parts of the war could make for a very fun campaign.

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Does Zombies Make Up For The Lack Of A Campaign In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4


Does Zombies Make Up For The Lack Of A Campaign In Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII?

I have already talked about my thoughts on the Battlefield V campaign and the fact that Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII does not have one. However, I think that the new Zombies mode in Black Ops IIII is going to help deliver that story driven COD experience that some players like.

The reason I say this is because Zombies in Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII looks to have a pretty tight narrative. You play as one of four characters who are making their way through time to stop an evil organization taking over the world with their zombies. We know at launch we are getting the first three parts of this story which are. Voyage Of Despair which is set on a cruise ship, IX which is set during Roman times and Blood Of The Dead which is set in a prison. Three very different time periods and they all seem to be connected together via the story.

They have actually made it a point to mention that you can play Zombies on your own if you want, so this could make up for that lack of a single player campaign in many people’s eyes. Getting so much Zombies content at the start of the game is a first for the series, but I think it is a nice touch and actually one of the things that I am really looking forward to.

It has been said that we are getting four extra Zombies chapters as part of the Black Ops pass so I am very excited to see what time periods these will be set in.

I know that many people do not care about the single player in Call Of Duty, but I feel the last four, WWII, Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 4, and Advanced Warfare have been some of the best written and most fun first person shooter stories I have played through so it is a shame to see them get rid of it.

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Call Of Duty WWII Wanderlust Mosh Pit Is Amazing, You Need To Play It


Wanderlust Mosh Pit Is Amazing, You Need To Play It

While the Call Of Duty WWII Liberty Strike community event may not be as robust as the previous events in terms of its contents. There is still some great loot up for grabs and best of all it has a new game mode that I kind of dismissed at first, but I am hooked on the Wanderlust Mosh Pit.

The way that Wanderlust Mosh Pit works is that you never know what weapon you are going to start with. Each and every player starts with a random weapon and when they die they will get a random weapon! There appears to be no rhyme or reason for the weapon selection and that can make it a fun, but also tense mode.

I have had a lot of fun with this when I get a weapon I am terrible with. I just go balls to the wall, try my best and if I get a kill or two great, if not I just pray I get something good next time. Playing this mode with buddies is such a good time! In a way, it reminds me of a game like Overwatch with its Mystery Heroes mode where you never know what to expect. Only this is just weapons and not actual characters.

What I love about the Wanderlust Mosh Pit is how fast the games go by. You never know what the hell is going to happen and when you get a weapon that you like it is very interesting in the way it makes you play. For me when I get a weapon I am good with. Rather than charging around the map like I would in a normal multiplayer game. I tend to be more timid and take my time as I am worried about losing the gun and getting something I suck with!

I know that for whatever reason, Liberty Strike is not being pushed as the previous Call Of Duty WWII events, but I really cannot recommend this game mode highly enough as it is so much fun.

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Fortnite Season 5 What We Know About It So Far


Fortnite Season 5 What We Know About It So Far

Fortnite has become a cultural development and mega-hit for computer game developer Epic Games, with its one hundred twenty five million players round the world.

Fortnite Season 5 is sort of upon North American Nation and as was common the net has been berating with fan theories, plot leaks and data processing secrets.

Keen-eyed gamers have noticed objects showing and disappearing round the map leading several to believe that massive changes area unit on their manner.

These changes started when a June thirtieth rocket launch from the evil habitation close to clubby Shores unfoldednumerous cracks within the sky, and round the map. These cracks have solely become larger within the past few days, and currently cowl nearly the whole sky of the map.

All of those changes have given credence to fan theories, that Fortnite is ready for a large overhaul, with numerous areas of the map to be modified or replaced fully. These alterations area unit expected to follow an issue of your time travel or completely different time periods.

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