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Use Drop Shot To Take Down Your Enemy Fast!

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Drop Shot Mod Controllers

Now here is a situation that I am sure you can all relate to. You are running and gunning and then you come across some dude who you have in your sites and then he hits the deck and blows you away. Dropping to the deck to take someone down is something that many Call Of Duty players use. Some see it as a cheap trick, but hey it works and really it is just a strategy that many people are using.
It is a great skill to master, but in the heat of the moment can be hard to pull off and instead you end up a bullet pin cushion. Well, Drop Shot is a great way to enable you to be the one who is the master of this skill.
When you have the Drop Shot mod turned on as soon as you pull that right trigger, you are going to hit the floor. This means that there is no need for you to have to double tap the duck button to hit the floor. Which more often than not by the time you do… you are dead. You do not have that worry with this mod activated which is a nice touch.
We think that being able to use Drop Shot is great and this ability will even the playfield considerably especially if you are playing against people who are more skilled at hitting the floor and blowing people away than you are!