Call Of Duty WWII To Feature Remastered Map


Call Of Duty WWII To Feature Remastered Map

If you really think about it, we are actually just hours away from the release of Call Of Duty WWII and we really could not be any more excited. There was a Call Of Duty dedicated section at Paris Games Week and while not a ton of new information was shown, eagle eyed gamers noticed something pretty cool in the footage and that is the Carentan map from the first Call Of Duty!

This is really, really cool and something people are giving Sledgehammer Games and Activision a big thumbs up for. Seeing a throwback like this is really neat and despite what people say about Activision, this is some pretty awesome fan service.

While the fact that the Carentan map is in the game is really cool. It is not going to be able to be enjoyed by everyone. The map is going to be available on day one. But it is only going to be there for people who have the Call Of Duty WWII Season Pass or those who have spent the extra money to get Digital Deluxe Version of the game. To be fair this is not a horrible decision as people who spend that extra money do deserve some kind of extra.

Who knows this map being added could be just the incentive for people to spend that extra money and get the Season Pass. Seeing this included and the fact that there was the remastered Modern Warfare released last year, make us wonder what other throwbacks Activision has in store for Call Of Duty.