Call Of Duty WWII PS4 Pro VS Xbox One X


Call Of Duty WWII PS4 Pro VS Xbox One X


If you are lucky enough to have an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 Pro and also a copy of Call Of Duty WWII. If you purchased the physical version of the game, you will have no doubt noticed that Xbox One and PS4 Pro enhanced logo on the box. However is the console upgrade something that really makes a difference in the world of Call Of Duty WWII?
The Xbox One X is the most powerful games console on the planet. The PS4 Pro is great, but the fact of the matter is when you break it all down, the Xbox One X has more horsepower. However, unless the developer is actually making use of it, the extra horsepower really does not matter.
In the case of Call Of Duty WWII, if you take the campaign, you can have a closer look at which one of these powerhouse consoles is pumping out the best visuals. To be honest with you, we would bet that you would not notice a difference in multiplayer, but surprisingly, the campaign is very similar.
Despite the fact, the Xbox One X has more raw power. Sledgehammer have used anti-aliasing to make Call Of Duty WWII look smoother and realistic. You can notice the difference when you compare the PlayStation 4 version to the Pro or the standard Xbox One to the X. But when you compare the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, you will struggle to notice the difference and this is not because of the consoles, but because of the way Sledgehammer have used anti-aliasing.
What does this all mean? Well, to be honest, nothing really. Call Of Duty WWII is great no matter what console you play it on. But we feel it is an early indication of how if a developer is not making use of the raw horsepower than the Xbox One X has, many games may look just the same as they do on PS4 Pro.