Call Of Duty WWII The Resistance Event Week 5 Daily Orders


Call Of Duty WWII The Resistance Event Week 5 Daily Orders

As I write this I am patiently waiting for the final week of the Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Event to go live. As I do I wanted to talk about what the daily orders for this week are.
The first one is to kill 10 Props. I think this one should be easy for most people as Prop Hunt is actually offering double XP so you will be most likely playing a lot of it anyway. Next day sees you having to survive 5 games as a prop which for me is going to be very tough. Then on the 22nd, winning 5 games of Prop Hunt is what you need to do. I think this is going to be one that I really struggle with, to be honest.
The day after this is a pretty easy one as all you have to do is win a round as a Prop without changing what you are. The 24thoffers a pretty fun one as you need to kill 10 Props. The last two days of the Resistance Event are actually repeats as on the 25thyou once again have to survive five rounds and on the 26thyou need to win five rounds.
For most people, I think these Prop Hunt daily orders are going to be pretty easy. I think I will struggle with the ones where you have to actually win, but apart from that, I am going to have a lot of fun playing Prop Hunt this week, earning double XP as I do!