Call Of Duty WW2 Retro Games Are A Good Idea


Call Of Duty WWII Retro Games Are A Good Idea


While not an entirely new concept as Activision have put retro games in their Call Of Duty games in the past like in last year’s Infinite Warfare during the Zombies mode. This year they are taking a bit of a different approach to it.
We like the idea of how opening Loot Boxes is now more of a social thing. But if you want to spend 10 credits on something different then you can purchase a classic Activision game. We have heard one popular game site compare this to the way Animal Crossing on the GameCube has NES games, but the difference there is they were all free!
Call Of Duty WWII is actually requiring credits to purchase these old games. While some of them are kind of cool like Spider Fighter and Enduro, we are not sure that these are the kind of things we would want to spend our hard earned credits on, but then again if you did have some spare it could be fun. What we need to figure out is what if anything do you get for beating one of these games or even getting a high score? It would be pretty cool if for each one you got an extra Loot Box, then we are sure no one would have any issues paying the ten credits to get these older games.
We have had a blast with Call Of Duty WWII so far and while we are not super crazy happy that these old games require ten credits, we can appreciate the throwback and chalk this up to just another thing you can do in the game. Honestly, Call Of Duty WWII is the most stacked first person shooter of 2017 and that is not even counting the DLC!