How Is The Resistance Division In Call Of Duty WW2


How Is The Resistance Division In Call Of Duty WW2

While I talked a great deal about The Resistance Event in Call Of Duty WWII. I never actually talked much about the actual Resistance Division which was added to the game during this event and I thought that today I would share my thoughts on The Resistance Division.

What I like about The Resistance Division is the way it plays like a run and gun style of class, but it also has many stealth elements. Even from the first level, you get access to the tactical knife which can dish out a one hit melee kill, it is awesome!

Level 2 sees you have the ability to scramble nearby enemy maps which is really handy when you are trying to creep up on someone. Level 3 gives you an extra attachment as well as allowing you to swap weapons faster. I know that this sounds kind of “meh” but this is the kind of upgrade that comes in really handy without you even realizing it is there.

Level 4 though is where it is really at. Level 4 sees you being able to see enemies on your mini map when they are close. If you are running around looking to take people out with your tactical knife, this is a very handy ability to have.

I think that The Resistance Division is a lot of fun. I would not say that it is the class I will always play as, but I have had a lot of fun with it. If you are not too good at stealth in first person shooters (like me) this is a great way to be able to play a little stealthy, but also do a lot of damage. Let me know what you think of the Resistance Division in Call Of Duty WWII in the comments section down below.