Call Of Duty WWII Pre Load Available For Playstation 4


Call Of Duty WWII Pre Load Available For PS4

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Here at Mods “R” Us we really could not be any more excited for Call Of Duty WWII. It looks like the folks at Activision and Sledgehammer have knocked this out of the park and everyone here had a great time with the beta.
Well while Xbox One and PC owners have been able to preload Call Of Duty WWII for a short while now. PlayStation 4 owners can preload the game. As you probably know, Activision has had a hard time the last two Call Of Duty games with people preloading them ready for release only for a small number of people to be able to actually get the games to work, leading to all kinds of leaks online and huge headaches for the people at Activision.
Well from what we have heard, the PlayStation 4 (which is where we assume they were worried the leak would come from) is locked down and there is no way that the game can work until the official release date which as of writing this blog post is just a few days away.
We do not know why they have said this as this just makes it a challenge to some people who otherwise would not have thought anything of it, but now are going to go above and beyond to prove Activision wrong by getting the preload to actually work!
While talking about a preload may not be the most exciting thing in the world. It does make it seem all that more real that the game is now ready for preload on all formats!