Call Of Duty WWII Operation Husky Tips


Call Of Duty WWII Operation Husky Tips

Today I thought I would share with you guys my tips on the latest War Mode Map, Operation Husky which was added as part of the 2nd DLC pack, War Machine.
Now these are strategies that I actually use in the game and they have served me pretty well, so give them a try if you are having a hard time with Operation Husky in Call Of Duty WWII.
Use Your Molotov Cocktails Wisely
When you are playing as the Allies, you have a few Molotov cocktails that you can use. The first part of the mission where you have to get the intelligence from the Axis can be tough. But if you use the Molotov cocktails that you have wisely, it can really make things easier. I find that a coordinated attack where you really blitz the enemy right at the point where you can get the intelligence is the way to go. They can be overwhelmed by the cocktails and the other players can swoop in and clean up the rest and complete the objective. For the other side, I would recommend trying as best you can to stand your ground and do not let them group up to overwhelm you.
Work As A Team To Take Over The Radio Station
When you have to take over the radio station, I find that working as a team and having an attack that you are all apart of is the way to go. You can actually end this really quickly if you guys are efficient. So far out of all the War Mode maps, I would say that if you have a good squad, this is the easiest objective and that goes for both the Allies and the Axis!
Dogfight Or Dogflight?
Full disclosure here, I suck at flying games and 9/10 flying sections in games. Call Of Duty WWII is not too tough to get to grips with, but this is the section in Operation Husky that I do struggle in. No matter if I am clearing a path or if I have to take the enemy down. What I try to do is just do my part. If you have players on your team who are actually skilled in this section of the game, play a support role to them. That way you are assisting your team, without being a hindrance as you try to win the war all by yourself!
Of course, many people have their own tips, tricks, and methods for kicking butt in War Mode in Call Of Duty WWII, but these are some ways that I have managed to not just have fun, but also do very well.