Call Of Duty WWII’s Weird Public Loot Box Openings


Call Of Duty WWII’s Weird Public Loot Box Openings

Sledgehammer and Activision have pretty much done everything right with Call Of Duty WWII. A solid campaign, great multiplayer a fun new War Mode (which could have used a few more maps) and in general just one of the best shooter experiences of 2017.
Of course, this is Activision we are talking about so there was no way in hell they were not going to have loot boxes in this game. To be fair, loot boxes are a common thing in shooters so we will not be too harsh on Activision for this. Before in Call Of Duty games when you would get a box, you would just open it while you were waiting for a new match to start.
In Call Of Duty WWII, Activision and Sledgehammer have done something a little different and we cannot decide if it is just flat out weird or a brilliant move that is going to change the way people open up loot boxes in all games.
You see rather than just open up the loot box on a static screen. Here you open them up on the beaches of Normandy. That is weird in its own right, but you do this in front of other players. That is right, opening loot boxes has become a kind of spectator thing! To be fair, people love to watch players open loot boxes on YouTube so we think that Activision, seeing this felt that this was the next step. If a player sees another player get something cool out of a loot box as it happens. It may inspire them to buy one or even play the game more.
We do not think Sledgehammer and Activision are out of line for this at all. Call Of Duty WWII was always going to have loot boxes and as long as this public viewing of us opening them does not slow things down, we are sure it is something that all of us Call Of Duty WWII players will get used to.