Call Of Duty WWII Having Problems During Opening Weekend

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Call Of Duty WWII Teething Problems During Opening Weekend

Let us start today’s blog post by telling you that we feel, Sledgehammer Games have created something awesome with Call Of Duty World War II. The beta was fun and playing the campaign, while short was an excellent experience.
However, most of us, buy COD each year for the multiplayer and Friday and Saturday were both pretty rough when it came to playing online. It was very, very hard for most people to get into a game and those of us that did so at the expense of having to wait for ages! It was kind of frustrating, but then when you would get in a game it would be worthwhile because while familiar, Call Of Duty WW II is one of the best Call Of Duty games in years.
Now here is the thing, if you look online, some people are acting like the whole weekend was a nightmare and to be fair while it was hard to get into a game on Friday and Saturday, most people found that by Sunday, things had started to get better and the servers were starting to cope much better. The opening weekend of a Call Of Duty game is always going to be super busy so problems are to be expected. While it was a little frustrating, we hope that those who did have a tough time getting into a game on Friday and Saturday gave the campaign a chance as it is well worth a play through.
We are very excited to play more Call Of Duty World War II and we are sure by the time the first week is over, Sledgehammer will have released a patch that will make matchmaking more smooth.

How To Be Better At Call Of Duty WW2 Zombies!

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We love the more horror approach to zombies mode in Call Of Duty WWII and today we have some fantastic tips to help you guys last longer and not get turned into zombie food!
Working As A Team
First of all let’s discuss teamwork in Nazi Zombies. Many people like to run around like a lone wolf, but each wave gets harder and harder and if you really want to get far without dying a million times, you have to work as a team. We are not just talking about watching each other’s backs but taking on an actual role. For example, if one of you guys is using free fire another one should be using camouflage. Think about how the loadout you are selecting is going to benefit the team and not just yourself.
Know When To Cut And Run!
You are no good to your team dead and while we would always suggest that you do your part to help your teammates stay alive, the fact is sometimes there is nothing you can do. Sometimes you just have to run away and take a breath and hope that they come back, sometimes you have to be that little bit selfish and take a weapon, power up or whatever for yourself as your own survival depends on it. So while we think that Nazi Zombies in Call Of Duty WWII is at its best when you work as a team. You still have to watch your own butt!
We think that Call Of Duty WWII has one of the best zombies modes in years and we hope that these tips will change the way you think before your next attempt to make it to the end! 
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