Gun Game In Call Of Duty WW2 Gets Kicked Up A Notch


Gun Game In Call Of Duty WW2 Gets Kicked Up A Notch

One of the most fun game modes in the Call Of Duty series is Gun Game. This is a mode that I have had a lot of fun with for years now. It is the kind of game mode, you can fire up and just have nonstop fun with. Even if you have a terrible round and only progress a couple of guns. Gun Game moves at such a fast pace, you never have the chance to get bored.
Week four of The Resistance DLC event brings to it a Gun Game that is on steroids! It as far as we know if going to be the only mode on the featured playlist of the final week of the Resistance Event. The Gun Game in Call Of Duty WW2 Resistance Event is the gun game that you have come to know and love, but with some much better rewards.
Sledgehammer is kicking things up a notch big time for the final week of the event. You get 2 X weapon XP, Division XP and XP in general for playing this mode. With how quick a game of Gun Game can be, you can not only have a lot of fun here but also give yourself a huge XP boost while The Resistance Event is taking place.
I will be honest and say that Gun Game without the jetpacks, super fast running, wall running and double jumping loses a bit of what made it such a fast and frantic game mode in Infinite Warfare. However I cannot wait to play it during the final week of The Resistance Event to not just have fun, but give my overall XP a real boost too!