Call Of Duty WWII Blitzkrieg Week 3 Highlights


Call Of Duty WWII Blitzkrieg Week 3 Highlights

Ok so I am a couple of days late with this, but a certain other game entering its fourth season has kept me busy. I must say, as much as I love Call Of Duty WWII, it is a real shame that this Blitzkrieg event does not have the same kind of fanfare or love as the last one.

Anyway, the third week of the Blitzkrieg Call Of Duty WWII event is here and I want to share with you guys my thoughts and also try and help you make the most of it this weekend.

The Contracts and Orders are pretty straightforward this week. Get 300 kills in Ground War, Complete 150 Matches and get 90 Kills In 50 Minutes. I think even the most casual Call Of Duty player can pull this off in the allotted time and get that Blitzkrieg reward as a result.

The Weekend Warfare is pretty awesome as what is on offer is 3x2XP Triple Feed in HQ 24/7 Playlist. This is running from the 3rd to the 10th of May so you have a lot of time to take advantage of this.

The Nazi Zombies Orders look a bit trickier this week as you need to get 30 medals by completing objectives, so if you are the kind of player who usually leaves specific objectives up to the other players, you may struggle with this. You also need to kill 50 Brenner Zombies, which I think is pretty doable and then you have to kill 500 zombies while using electrical attacks…. This one I know for a fact I am going to struggle with.

Also, we are all working towards that community goal so keep on killing folks! I have enjoyed what Sledgehammer Games have done with the Call Of Duty WWII Blitzkrieg event, but I feel the rise of Fortnite and all the Black Ops IIII leaks have taken a lot of the shine away from good old, WWII!