Call Of Duty WWII Blitzkrieg Week 2 Highlights


Call Of Duty WWII Blitzkrieg Week 2 Highlights

We are now in the second week of the Call Of Duty WWII Blitzkrieg event and I wanted to talk a little bit about it so you guys can make the most of it.

Nazi Zombies: Nazi Zombies is heavily featured this week. You need to survive 125 waves, kill 500 zombies with equipment and you also need to rescue Klaus in the final Reich. To be honest, I do not think any of these are too hard as long as you are playing with people that know what they are doing. If you get stuck on a team with people who are not willing to communicate or work together. Instead of just quitting the match, use it as a way to get your equipment kills up and just go as long as you can.

By completing this, you will be rewarded with a Rare Zombie Supply Drop, which I for one am very interested in.

Contracts And Orders: The first one that will be live by the time you read this is to complete 30 matches, which is pretty easy to do. The second one starts on the 27th of April and will require you to get 90 kills in 50 minutes.

Also remember that we are all working towards that Community Event goal and there is also some Double XP events, which could be over by the time you read this so be sure to check and make the most of it if they are not.

This week is going to be a lot of fun. Any excuse to knuckle down and play some serious games of Nazi Zombies is cool in my book. I am going to try and organize it so I can play with people I know or at the very least have a headset so we can communicate and try and last as many waves as possible.