Call Of Duty WWII Blitzkrieg Event

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Call Of Duty WWII Blitzkrieg Event
Check Out Call Of Duty WWII’s Blitzkrieg Event
While all eyes may be looking forward to Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII. Sledgehammer Games have just dropped their latest Call Of Duty WWII event, Blitzkrieg to let us all know that there is plenty of life left in their game.
I thought that the last Call Of Duty WWII event was fantastic. This one here is available right now and is running until the 15th of May so you have plenty of time to complete all the new orders and contracts.
The main event of this Blitzkrieg event is called Ground War. Ground War lets you play Team Deathmatch, War, Domination and Kill Confirmed in 9 vs 9 matches. Before these were 6 vs 6 and let me tell you having three extra people on a team makes things way faster, more hectic and just generally crazier.
Another neat feature is that we can play Prop Hunt and Gun Game in the HQ. That is right, Sledgehammer Games have turned the HQ that we have all spent a ton of time in, into a map. Sure you can only use it for these two game modes, but I think that it is pretty cool.
Of course some new weapons are also part of this event. Call Of Duty WWII Blitzkrieg is adding in six new weapons. These are a sterling SMG, the ITRA Burst Rifle, a Baseball Bat, Type 5 rifle, Type 38 Sniper Rifle and a M2 Carabine Fully Automatic Rifle. These are going to be permanent additions to Call Of Duty WWII, but there are going to be exclusive variations during this event that you can only get right now, so if you want them, get them before they are gone.
There is going to be plenty of time and chances to get double XP during various game modes during the event as well so be sure to check each day which ones are offering double XP so you can make the most of it.
I have had a blast with Call Of Duty WWII and think that as far as first person shooters go, it is one of the best value ones on the market right as Sledgehammer Games have done such a great job in supporting it.