Call Of Duty WW2 Winter Siege Event Starts December 8th


Call Of Duty WW2 Winter Siege Event Starts December 8th

Call Of Duty WW2 Winter Siege Event Starts December 8th
The first big event is hitting Call Of Duty WWII on December 8th. We have talked a little about the Winter Siege Event, but Activision has now revealed all of the details.
A special winter version of the Carentan multiplayer map is part of this event and this has gotten many people excited. Headquarters is also getting a winter lick of paint which goes nicely with the winter themed supply drops that are part of this event.
During the second week of Call Of Duty WWII Winter Siege, Gun Game is making its triumphant return. While we are very excited for this, we have heard that this is a limited return and that it is not going to be part of Call Of Duty WWII once the event is over…. We really hope that this is not true as we love Gun Game.
There will be a bunch of special orders given by Major Howard, completion of these will earn you variants of the new weapons which is pretty cool. Add to this, even more, Christmas themed supply drops and you have a whole lot of stuff to try and earn during the Winter Siege event. These supply drops can be earned for free, all you have to do is play the Winter Siege event and you will unlock them, we think this is a pretty cool way for the folks at Activision to do this.
As well as the actual Call Of Duty Winter Siege Event, this update is also bringing with it some bug fixes that will help the game run more smoothly.