Call Of Duty WW2 Updates To Fix Multiplayer Issues


Call Of Duty WW2 Updates To Fix Multiplayer Issues

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Call Of Duty is a yearlong game, the kind of game that gets updates all throughout the year and in many cases, it can even get updates when it has been replaced by a new model. Next week, Sledgehammer is bringing a fairly important update to Call Of Duty WWII and we think that the fixes/changes that are coming with this update are very interesting.
Multiplayer seems to be the focus of this update. Some maps have exploits in them where basically people can camp, not be hit easily and just pick people off. Map exploits are one of the main things that will be fixed during this update. The UI is getting some tweaks as well to make it more user friendly and finding matches, as well as disconnects, have also been worked on.
One thing many people will be happy to hear about is finch reduction, Sledgehammer has said that they have been hard at work, reducing this on all weapons. This is great news as for many people this was rather frustrating. One issue that was not mentioned was the silent footsteps, but from what we understand this is something they are looking at, but it may not be in this update.
While the update was the main focus of what Sledgehammer were talking about. During Thanksgiving, there is going to be what they are calling a double XP weekend. While it will run like a standard double XP weekend, it is actually lasting longer than that as it is running from the 22nd all the way to the 27th so it is certainly longer than just a weekend, so take advantage of these extra double XP days to get yourself leveled up.