Call Of Duty WW2 Shaping Up To be Biggest COD Yet


Call Of Duty WW2 Shaping Up To be Biggest COD Yet?

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It goes without saying that each year Call Of Duty is one of the biggest selling games that is released. Even last years, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare while disappointing sales wise, still sold millions of copies.
Some wondered if Infinite Warfare may have turned players off the Call Of Duty franchise, but Call Of Duty WWII is proving otherwise. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest selling games of 2017 and if things keep going the way they are, many game journalists are saying it could be one of the biggest selling Call Of Duty games ever! Of course, this is a huge task, but Call Of Duty WWII has not just sold very well, it has also been very well received by fans.
It is getting good reviews almost all over the place and while that is surely something that is driving up the sales. The fact that the only other huge first person shooter released this holiday season (well it also has 3rd person, but you get what we mean) is Star Wars Battlefront II, Call Of Duty WWII really has very little competition. Those who did not pick up Call Of Duty WWII and were waiting for Battlefront II may very well have said no way after all the controversy and used their hard earned money of COD WWII instead.
Apart from letting us know, Call Of Duty WWII made over half a billion dollars in the first week alone, Activision has kept quiet about the sales of the game, but things have never looked so positive for the Call Of Duty series. Above all else, Call Of Duty WWII is a really fun game and that is why we feel it is selling so well.