Call Of Duty WW2 Ranked Play Introduces 4 Player Squads


Call Of Duty WW2 Ranked Play Introduces 4 Player Squads

Ranked Play began in Call Of Duty WW2 on the 1st of December last year. Surprisingly, you could not choose who you played with at first. Sledgehammer Games did fix this on the 19th of December when they allowed people to take part in Ranked Play in two player parties.
However many folks were still wondering why the ability to take part in Ranked Play matches as a full 4 player squad was not part of the game? Sledgehammer Games have announced that when the Call Of Duty WW2 Season 3 Ranked Play starts, players will finally be able to team up with three of their buddies in a full squad.
The third season of Ranked Play is real close, April 17th is when it starts. This makes April a very big month for Call Of Duty WW2 as we have the second DLC pack, The War Machine and then just a week later we have the third season of Ranked Play to have some fun with.
Sledgehammer Games have not revealed exactly how teaming up with three other players is going to work, but I would assume it is just the same way as it currently is when you are teaming up with just one other person that you know.
The 4 player parties being added to Call Of Duty WW2 is just another example of how Sledgehammer Games are knocking it out of the park with this most recent Call Of Duty game. They really have gone above and beyond to make it as a complete experience as possible.