Call Of Duty WW2 PS4 Is The Most Popular Game For Playstation 4


Call Of Duty WW2 On PS4 Is The Most Popular Game For Playstation 4!

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We all know that each year, Call Of Duty is going to be one of the best selling games of the year, even though it is always released in the last few months of the year. Even Infinite Warfare, while not as huge as previous games, sold like hotcakes and put up numbers many other games could only dream of.
Well, a picture has gone viral from the PlayStation 4 version of Call Of Duty WW2 that showed there are currently an incredible 12 million players who are part of the online community! This is just insane, especially when you consider it has been out for just a few months. For me personally, PlayStation 4 (especially with our epic modded controllers) is the format that I have spent most of my time with Call Of Duty WW2I on. The community is great and I can honestly say that I have never had any kind of issue finding a game and since Call Of Duty WWII launched, Xbox Live has had a few problems that have really annoyed gamers trying to get online and have a game.
We all knew that Call Of Duty WWII was a huge selling game and that pretty much everyone who played it was having a blast. But to see it right in front of your face that the game has sold well over 10 million copies really does show that even after all these years, Call Of Duty is a huge franchise and one of the biggest in the history of gaming.