Something Special Coming For PC Call Of Duty WWII Players


Something Special Coming For PC Call Of Duty WWII Players

While most people who were playing on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 were able to fully take part in the Winter Siege and have an awesome time doing so. The same cannot be said for PC Call Of Duty WWII players.
Winter Bribe Challenges were a really fun part of the Winter Siege and the rewards that players got from these challenges were actually really good. The problem is PC players were not getting what they should. There was some kind of bug that prevented PC players from fully being able to benefit from the Winter Bribe Challenges. Some players called out Sledgehammer Games over this and surprisingly they responded.
They admitted that there was an issue, but the problem was that by the time they figured it out and knew how to fix it, Winter Siege was over. Instead, they have promised that something special is going to be coming for PC Call Of Duty WWII players. Now, of course, they have not actually let us know what this is or when we can expect it, but at least they are trying to make amends.
There is a lot of theories floating around as to what this could be with many people thinking that PC Call Of Duty WWII players will be getting a bunch of loot boxes or maybe even some of the gear from the Winter Siege to make up for this.
It sucks when things like this happen, especially as there was not an issue like this on consoles, but hey, at least Sledgehammer Games are willing to admit there was a problem and try and make people at least in a small way, happy about it.