Call Of Duty WW2 PC Patch Arrives


Call Of Duty WW2 PC Patch Arrives

If we are honest, we have spent most of our time with the console versions of Call Of Duty WWII so far. But people who have the PC version will be pleased to know that in the last day or so, Sledgehammer has released the patch which many people were waiting for.
While the console versions of Call Of Duty WWII had problems, the PC version was said to have been worse. Call Of Duty WWII on PC is still a fantastic game, but it had some very annoying technical issues. Many of these have been addressed in the update such as FOV resetting itself to 65 every time the game is fired up, weird issues with the framerate, discord support has been added.
The majority of what they have worked on though appears to be in relation to the multiplayer. Matchmaking was far from great and this patch hopes to get rid of that black screen of doom many people were faced with after a match. UI and the hud have had some work on it to make it easier to see, stop disappearing and in general, just function like it is supposed to. There have also been a few buffs such as the Walther Toggle Action Shotgun having its damage increased at close range. Some weapons have also been nerfed such as the BAR Rifle which has had its fire speed decreased a bit.
It is such a shame people are having issues with Call Of Duty WWII as it really is one of the most fun games in years. The matchmaking on console and PC is certainly better thanks to the latest patches so at least that is something. We are sure Sledgehammer will keep working on the game, fine tuning it to get rid of any bugs.