Call Of Duty WW2 On Xbox One X


Thoughts On Call Of Duty WW2 On Xbox One X

Thoughts On Call Of Duty WWII On Xbox One X  
When I picked up Call Of Duty WW2 on launch day it was the PlayStation 4 version that I got. However this Christmas, Santa was very good to me and bought me a brand new Xbox One X. As I have a 4K TV, I was pretty excited about this. Now I was not really considering buying the Xbox One version of Call Of Duty WWII as I already had a ton of hours invested in the PlayStation 4 version…… but I ended up picking Call Of Duty WW2 on Xbox One.
Ok so I picked this up about a week ago and I have only dabbled a little bit in the online mode, but I have beaten the campaign (again) and I can tell you that while the graphical update is not a huge leap (PS4 does have HDR after all) I will say that there is a noticeable difference here. It is not like going from PS3 to PS4. But playing Call Of Duty WW2 on Xbox One X is certainly clearer. I do not know if there would be any difference on a regular HD TV, but on my 4K TV, the Xbox One X version is noticeably sharper.
One thing that I have noticed even more than the sharper visuals is the load times. The Xbox One X loads things a hell of a lot quicker than the PlayStation 4 does so it is good to see that extra processing power at work.
The few online matches that I have tried so far have worked smooth as butter and the connection time if I am honest is no better or worse than what I was getting on my PlayStation 4. I am actually glad that I bought the Xbox One version of Call Of Duty WW2 and I think I might ditch my progress on the PlayStation 4 in favor of this one. I am interested to see if Call Of Duty 2018 makes use of the extra power that the Xbox One X has.