What Does Call Of Duty WW2 Need?


What Does Call Of Duty WW2 Need?

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We honestly think that Call Of Duty WWII is one of the best Call Of Duty games in years, but still, there are things we would like to see Sledgehammer add to the game to make it better and here are what Mods “R” Us think would make the game better.
More WAR Maps!
WAR Mode is one of the best new additions to Call Of Duty WWII. It adds an element of teamwork that the series has not seen in quite some time and honestly it is one of our favorite things in the game… but we feel that there should be more than just three maps. Of course, more are coming as DLC, but we feel that at least two free WAR mode maps should be added to keep people interested in the mode over the next year.
Look, we know that the unlimited sprinting of Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare may be seen as “futuristic” but the soldiers of World War II could probably run a lot further than they can in Call Of Duty WWII. We feel that bringing back unlimited sprinting would not hurt the game at all and be something many people would welcome back.
Make It Less Grindy
While Activision is great at having multiple double XP weekends during the year for each Call Of Duty. We must admit that the progression in Call Of Duty WWII can sometimes feel very grindy and slow. With the Star Wars Battlefront II debacle, we have a feeling this may be something Activision want to address. But as of right now getting XP can feel quite slow.
These are just three of the things that we feel would make Call Of Duty WWII an even better game, but we would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see added.