Call Of Duty WW2 Mountain Division


Call Of Duty WW2 Mountain Division

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When Activision first teased the different divisions in Call Of Duty WWII, many fans (us included) were wondering just what the heck the Mountain Division would be. Well turns out it is one of the more “specialist” kind of divisions in the game and today we are taking a closer look at it.
The best way to describe the Mountain Division in Call Of Duty WWII is as the snipers of the Call Of Duty WWII. Sniper is always a kind of harder class to play in Call Of Duty, it is not the kind of class that anyone can just play and in most cases, it does require a fair bit of discipline to play. But for those that stick with it and have the eye of the tiger when it comes to sniping. Having a sniper on a team in Call Of Duty WWII is an asset that cannot be overstated.
Playing as the Mountain Division is Call Of Duty WWII has a very high risk and reward kind of thing going. There is an aim assist that makes getting perfect shots that little bit easier, but the reloading of the different sniper rifles you have at your disposal is very, very slow, so you better make sure you hit your target. So with the great power comes a fairly steep learning curve, but it is so much fun once you master it. Secondary weapons like Colt 1911 and the M712 can come in very handy if another player tries to get in close to take you down from your nice camping spot.
When playing as the Mountain Division, you need to stick with it, it can be frustrating at first, but a good sniper is hard to find in the world of Call Of Duty WWII.