Call Of Duty WW2 Map Glitches


Call Of Duty WW2 Map Glitches

Call Of Duty WW2 Map Glitches  
Map glitches seem to happen in every Call Of Duty game, no sooner do they get patched and people find more! We recently found some glitch spots and showcased some of the best glitch spots in Call Of Duty WW2 and we wanted to share our favorites with you.
Aachen: On this map, you can glitch all the way up a wall and then walk along the telephone cables like you are Spider-Man before ending up in a rundown building that you should not be able to enter.
Flak Tower: What is neat about this one is that first of all, you are pretty much floating on a wall, but it is the location that makes this Call Of Duty WWII glitch spot deadly. No one is going to see you here when they exit the area below you, allowing you to pick people off…. Until someone finds you out of course.
Sainte Marie Du Mont: This rather picturesque map is one of the more glitchy in Call Of Duty WWII. There are numerous glitch spots in this map, some can be pretty useful, like when you can get up on the roof a building you are not supposed to. Others kind of make the map crap out and not work properly.
Glitch spots can give you an edge in battle if you can exploit them right, but the best ones can be really hard to reach so if you fail, do not give up keep on trying. Also, remember that Sledgehammer Games will be working hard to fix these exploits so there is no telling how long they will last for.
We found these Call Of Duty WWII glitch spots. Check it out and see if you can pull any of them off. Also, let us know in the comments of any COD WWII glitch spots in multiplayer maps that you know of.