Fixes Were Added To Call Of Duty WW2 In Resistance Update


What Other Fixes Were Added To Call Of Duty WW2 In Resistance Update?

Fixes To Call Of Duty WW2 In Resistance Update  
As you know, Call Of Duty WWII just dropped The Resistance and having spent a few hours with it last night, I can tell you it is a lot of fun. While we all know the most obvious updates such as new guns, the new division and of course the return of Prop Hunt and Demolition modes. There is some stuff that Sledgehammer fixed in Call Of Duty WWII and I wanted to share a few of the things I found interesting.
On console (especially PS4 in my case) there was a spectator glitch where you would be stuck in spectator mode, this has been addressed.
There was a change to the way you regenerate health in that it does not take quite as long now. I can tell you this has saved my butt a few times already.
You will no longer have your eardrums destroyed by the announcer in War Mode as they have fixed the uneven way the volume would change.
Footsteps are not quite as loud anymore. To be honest I did not even notice this, but apparently, your footsteps and the enemy footsteps are no longer quite as loud.
Friendly shellshock, this has been a hot topic in the world of Call Of Duty WWII. But many players hated the way friendly shellshock in Call Of Duty WWII was handled. If a teammate threw one, you were punished! Now you can still move freely, but the screen will still shake and your view will be compromised. Sledgehammer Games have stated they may fix this further.