Call Of Duty WWII’s Emblem Editor Is Crazy


Call Of Duty WWII’s Emblem Editor Is Crazy


While Call Of Duty WWII has only been out a few days as of writing today’s blog post. We can tell you that here at Mod’s “R” Us, we have spent a ton of time with the game already. But while we anticipated the campaign being fun, War mode being awesome and multiplayer in general being great. Nothing could have prepared us for the epicenes that is the Call Of Duty WWII Emblem Editor.
Many people do not bother with stuff like this, but in Call Of Duty WWII, it is so in depth that you really could make any kind of emblem you want. So far we have seen people with emblems of their favorite sports team, actual military emblems, and other gaming ones. It is great for those who are in a squad and want something that identifies them as a team. The Emblem Editor is not actually something if you ask us that Sledgehammer Games expected people to get super into, but already many sites are having guides on how to make cool looking emblems.
Even if this is the kind of thing you never usually bother with, we say give it a go. It is actually pretty fun and a great way to give the soldier you play as a bit more individuality. It can also help you recognize other players.
Call Of Duty WWII is one of the most fun Call Of Duty games in years and it is the little touches like this that make us realize that Sledgehammer Games really did go all out with this year’s game.