Call Of Duty WW2 Armored Division Guide


Call Of Duty WW2 Armored Division Guide

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While at first glance the Division system in Call Of Duty WWII looks completely different to the class system we have all gotten used to the last decade. It is actually pretty similar. Today we are looking at the Armored Division and letting you know how to get the best out of it.
Armored Division is one of the most interesting Divisions in the game. At first glance, you think this is the tank class and it actually is. Making use of rocket launchers and badass machine guns make this a class that can do some very, very heavy damage in the right hands.
The Armored Division though, while extremely offensive can actually be a huge defensive ally to any team. You see they can use bipods to set up defenses and they can even use tripods so that they can position themselves with their machine gun to get less recoil. The basic loadout of an MG15, bazooka and sticky bombs is going to cause a real loud bang.
One of the ways (once you are leveled up enough of course) that you can get the best out of the Armored Division in Call Of Duty WWII is to take the time to set up a defensive perimeter first and then go on your rampage. We do not think that this is the class that is best suited for beginners, but at the same time once you get the hang of it, we would say that Armored Division is one of the most fun classes in the entire game as the weapons are so big and powerful, it is impossible not to have fun when using them.