Call Of Duty WW2 Infantry Division Guide


Call Of Duty WW2 Infantry Division Guide

Call Of Duty WW2 Infantry Division Guide  
Today we are starting looking at the different divisions in Call Of Duty WWII. Starting with what many people class as the most basic Division, Infantry.
We feel that Infantry Division in Call Of Duty WWII is best for those who are either new to the game or who just like to jump in and do some of that classic, Call Of Duty run and gun action that we have all been doing for years.
Each division has its own division weapon class, but you can actually use any weapon you like, but you, of course, have specific division exclusive perks. In the case of Infantry division, it is all about moving quickly and blasting anything that gets in your way. For example, if you use the SMG, you may not be able to get the perk of adding a suppressor to it. But instead, you get the ability to add a few more extra attachments to your primary weapon (whatever it may be) as well as the ability to aim quicker.
So we would say that the infantry division in Call Of Duty WWII is perfect for those players who like their gameplay a little bit more fast paced. We would also suggest that you have a good read of the division to make sure you know what perks you are getting and how you need to level up. The semi-automatic rifle and the self-loading pistol that are the default weapons of this division are perfect for those players who want to just jump into the action. However, the tweaks that infantry division allows you to make to the weapons really can make you a deadly threat on the battlefield, especially if you are content to just run and gun, taking down anyone you come across and not worrying about your K/D ratio.