Call Of Duty WWII Download Size Revealed


Call Of Duty WWII Should Download Fast

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Our Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC controllers are really excited about getting in your hands so they can help you take down the bad guys and the zombies! More and more information is coming out about the game before its November release and recently, the size of the game on Xbox One has been revealed.

The Xbox One and PS4 have been heavily criticized for their hard drive size with most people having to add a lot of additional storage. Thankfully Call Of Duty WWII is coming in at 45 GB on Xbox One. It is safe to assume that the PlayStation 4 version will be roughly the same. Of course, this does not count the inevitable day one patch that is bound to be at least a few GB. But still a triple A title coming in at under 50 GB was great to see.

But while this at first seems great. As we mentioned there is bound to be a day one update and some people have theorized that the download which will come day one may actually have all of the DLC maps and so on and only the campaign will actually be on the disc. We are not sure we agree with this, but most huge games these days do ship with some of the content having to be downloaded.

To be fair it is hard to be harsh on Activision for this as it is common practice, but this news along with the new trailer for Call Of Duty WWII does make the fact that the game is coming seem far more real.