What Are Some Contracts In Week 4 Of Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Event


What Are Some Contracts In Week 4 Of Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Event?

We only have a couple of weeks left of this awesome Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Event and I think that the people at Sledgehammer Games have done an amazing job. There have been a very good mix of contracts, daily and weekly orders that anyone can do and some that require a bit more patience and skill. This fourth week of The Resistance Event has a couple that I find hard and I wanted to share them with you.

Get 5 Headshots In Domination: 

Headshots are something I have always struggled with in Call Of Duty games and Call Of Duty WWII is no different. As much as I hate to say it, I kind of did not play as a team player while trying to get this. I picked my sniper rifle and just tried my best to get those headshots. I know for some people this is easy, but for me, this one is a real challenge.

Get 55 Kills In War: 

I love War Mode, it is one of the best things that was added to Call Of Duty WWII. This is a mode that ever since the beta, I have always made a real effort to be a team player and focus more on the objectives, sometimes even using myself as a decoy so other players can do an objective. I very rarely get many kills in War Mode as that is not what I focus on so getting this many kills in just one week, along with the other contracts I need to do is proving to be really hard.
These are the two contracts that I am really going to have to work hard to achieve. Y strategy is to get all the ones that I feel are easy out of the way and then knuckle down and get to work! What are the contracts that you are having a hard time with in Call Of Duty WWII?