Would Cod Fans Want A Call Of Duty Movie?


Would Cod Fans Want A Call Of Duty Movie?

It has been rumored for a while now that there was a Call Of Duty movie in the works. There is actually a knock off movie called Call To Duty that even uses the Call Of Duty font to try and trick people…. Which it did me, but it is just a generic war movie, but to be fair is that not what a Call Of Duty movie would be?
I would say that the Black Ops series is the most story driven out of the franchise. It had characters that I and many other people actually cared about so it does show that this is a franchise which can have characters that people can like. I actually think an approach like the Resident Evil movies would be best. They would be their own thing, but still implement characters, settings and other things from the Call Of Duty series that make us fans smile.
Without a doubt, a Call Of Duty movie would be successful at the box office. The huge sales of Call Of Duty WWII prove that this is a franchise that is in no way in decline. Even out of curiosity, fans would go and see it. I think that a big loud over the top action movie should be the way that a Call Of Duty movie should go.
The series is far more story driven than people give it credit for and I honestly think that it is one series that could make the jump to the silver screen and do really well. I think trying to take a story from one of the COD games and make that a movie would be a mistake like I said take elements from the game and mix them with something new and I think they could have a winner on their hands.