Domination XL In Call Of Duty WW2 Gives You More XP


Domination XL In Call Of Duty WW2 Gives You More XP

The amount of XP given to players in Domination has been something that many members of the Call Of Duty WW2 community have not been super happy about. Currently, we get 50 points for each time we take down an enemy and for some people, that is not enough.
Sledgehammer has been very community driven with this game and they have been listening to us fans and one of the ways that they are showing this is with Domination XL. Domination XL is the same Domination mode that we have all come to love, but it gets the XL in its name due to the fact that the amount of XP we will be getting for each kill is kicked up a notch to 100!
Levelling up in Call Of Duty WW2 can at sometimes feel a little bit slow so this is a great way for us to have fun and get double XP as a result. What I find interesting about Domination XL being added to the playlist is that regular Domination is not actually being replaced by this. Instead, both modes will be co-existing and Sledgehammer are actually suggesting that we play both.So perhaps there are going to be more changes to Domination XL than just the increase in XP?
No date has been given for when Domination Xl is going to be added to the Call Of Duty WW2 playlist, but it is something that I am looking very forward to.