Black Ops 4 May Feature Battle Royale Game Mode


Black Ops 4 May Feature Battle Royale Game Mode?

Although recent Treyarch Black Ops titles have had a futuristic background it is not clear how Black Ops 4 will approach this. With COD WW2 returning to boots on the ground combat in the world war two setting, it’s hard to predict whats next for any of the future call of duty titles.
Black Ops 4 What to expect from the game – Call Of Duty Fans can expect a single player campaign, competitive multiplayer and a return of the coop zombies mode. Activision and Treyarch has a lot of interest in adding the battle royale of Fortnite & PUBG into the next call of duty game they are very aware of how other video game publishers are doing with battle royale. Well For now we will have to wait for more details in future updates to see what Bo4 brings to the table.