Bringing War Mode To Call Of Duty WW2 Zombies


Bringing War Mode To Call Of Duty WW2 Zombies!

 Bringing War Mode To Cod WW2 Zombies  
As you have probably guessed if you have been reading the blog the last few weeks, War Mode is one of the things that I have had a lot of fun with during my time with Call Of Duty WW2. It is just so much fun and it makes each battle I am in feel like it truly means something. Not just that, but it is so much fun and each match I do not know if I am going to be the guy who has to go and complete the objectives or if I am going to be a diversion, drawing away enemy fire.
Well, War Mode and Zombies are both fantastic in Call Of Duty WW2, so I was thinking what if they brought War Mode to Zombies? I think it may be a little late to do that with COD WW2, but it is certainly something that I would like to see implemented in the next Call Of Duty game.
So how would this work? Well in Call Of Duty Zombies in the past, we have had to build up walls and stuff to keep the undead at bay. I think taking that to the next step with objectives that fit in with the zombie theme and whatever story the zombie’s mode is trying to tell would be great. I think that it would of course initially be a PvE type of game mode, but what if they kicked it up a notch and hade PvP and let us play as the zombies?
I think that Call Of Duty WWII has one of the best zombie modes to date and whatever comes next has a really tough task in trying to top it. Putting in elements of War Mode is one way that they could do that.