The History Of BioShock Part 1

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The History Of BioShock Part 1
The History Of BioShock Part 1
Here at Mods “R” Us we are all about our epic modded controllers for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. But today we are starting a new series looking at the underwater city and the city in the sky of the epic BioShock series
BioShock (2007) Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3
BioShock received a lot of attention during its development as it was seen by many as a spiritual successor to the epic System Shock series. While these comparisons may have been what sparked peoples interests initially, the underwater city of Rapture and the fantastic story are what really hooked gamers.
BioShock is a story driven first person shooter where you play the role of a man who has crash landed in the ocean. He finds his way to a lighthouse that is a bathysphere which transports him to the incredible under water city of Rapture. The game is set in the 1960’s and Rapture was created by a man called Andrew Ryan who wanted a utopia at the bottom of the ocean, free from the “legal” restrictions of the world.
Rapture would eventually fall and become a place that is full of messed up people known as Splicers. These Splicers were created by messing with ADAM which was something found in sea slugs which would allow a person to alter their DNA and give them powers like fire and ice. These powers are a huge part of BioShock and you will learn new ones as you progress through the game. This along with the weapons that you get, give the game at first glance a typical first person shooter vibe.
Along with Splicers players would have to deal with Big Daddy’s and the children they protect, who by the way you can either save or harvest. Which you do will alter the ending you get.
But calling BioShock just another first person shooter is doing it a huge disservice. It is a story driven masterpiece that makes you want to know, who you are and was getting to Rapture an accident?
The first BioShock was a huge success and one of the major hits on the Xbox 360, it was then later released for the PlayStation 3 as well. For many, this is still the best game in the BioShock series.
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Road To Red Dead Redemption 2: Red Dead Revolver
Road To Red Dead Redemption 2: Red Dead Revolver
Red Dead Redemption is one of the games that us folks in the Mods R Us office are super excited about and we thought it would be fun to look at where this series started.
Red Dead Revolver (2004) PlayStation 2, Xbox
While these days Red Dead is known as one of the major RockStar games. The interesting thing about this series is that it started life out as a Capcom property. Capcom was working on the game in 2002, RockStar bought the game, made some major changes to it. RockStar increased the violence and gave it a more “spaghetti western” feel than what Capcom was working on and the rest is history.
Red Dead Revolver sees you playing the role of Red Harlow. A gunslinger in the 1880’s who is trying to get justice for his parents who were brutally murdered. The game is actually very story driven and the voice acting for the time was some of the best around. It may be a little predictable in places, but the story was something that was heavily praised at the time of release.
The gameplay of Red Dead Revolver is that of an action 3rd person game. Red Harlow is an expert with guns and you will be going along looking for justice by putting a beating on and bullets in any person who gets in your way. Red Dead Revolver is fairly linear and does not have the massive open worlds of a GTA or Red Dead Redemption. But it tells its story very well and is fun to play.
At the time of release, Red Dead Revolver was very well received and of course, it set the stage for RockStar to created Red Dead Redemption. As of right now, you can pick up Red Dead Revolver for just a few bucks and it is well worth playing. 
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The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 5 Vice City
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 5
We are helping you keep those cops and drug cartels at bay as we continue on with our Grand Theft Auto Retrospective!
Grand Theft Auto Vice City (2002,2003) PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox
How could RockStar possibly top GTA 3? Well they found a way as Grand Theft Auto Vice City was even more successful and critically acclaimed than 3! This game was once again in full 3D, but this time the world was much larger and felt more alive. A huge part of this was the increase in NPC’s as well as side missions that the player could do.
The real draw of Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the setting. It is set in the 80’s and this was back in 2002, before it was cool to set everything in the 80’s. The fashion, the music and just the tone of the game is full on 80’s and RockStar used things like Scarface and Miami Vice as well as many real world events from the 80’s to help craft the story of Tommy Vercetti getting out of jail and slowly, but surely starting to become a drug and crime king pin in Vice City.
Grand Theft Auto Vice City was just such a fun game. The controls felt a little tigher in the driving sections and even in the general gameplay with the auto aim working very well to make it easier to shoot who you actually want to shoot.
Vice City is one of the most fondly remembered games in the GTA series. Sure the 80’s setting plays a big part in this, but the story is well written and a lot of fun to play through. The game was released first on PlayStation 2 in 2002, before coming to Xbox in a double pack with GTA 3 and also on PC. 
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Road To Red Dead Redemption 3: Red Dead Redemption
Road To Red Dead Redemption 3: Red Dead Redemption
Time for you cowboys to tie your horse up and take it easy in the saloon as we are looking at the last stop on our way to Red Dead Redemption 2!
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (2010) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Red Dead Redemption was a monster of a hit and quite shortly after it was released, we got wind of a huge DLC expansion, Undead Nightmare which would bring the undead to the Wild West! To say this new got people excited is a huge understatement and as amazing as Red Dead Redemption was it was this news that made more than a few people decide to buy it.
Undead Nightmare once against sees players take the role of John Marston, who you even get to play as a zombie which is pretty cool. The story of the game is pretty cool and sees John having to travel to the different towns in the game to keep the number of zombies down. You will also have to do various missions for other people as you try to figure out what the hell is going on and how you can stop it. One of the coolest features of the game is that you can find and tame the four horses of the apocalypse.
RockStar did an amazing job with this DLC! They went in and did a ton of work on the visuals so while you instantly recognize them all from Red Dead Redemption they have been given a sinister coating of paint, which with the permanent darkness and bad weather gives the whole game an eerie kind of feeling
As well as the main story, Undead Nightmare also had two multiplayer modes which were well received. These are called Land Grab and Undead Overrun.
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare was a huge hit, so much so that RockStar actually released the game on its own, at a budget price of course. 
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The History Of BioShock Part 3 BioShock Infinite
The History Of BioShock Part 3
We are continuing our epic look back at one of the best first person shooter series of all time, BioShock. So keep on reading to see what we think of the third game in the BioShock series.
BioShock Infinite (2013) Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3
BioShock Infinite took the series (at first glance) in a different direction as instead of going to the underwater city of Rapture. This time we went up into the flying city of Columbia. BioShock Infinite was actually set many years before the events of the first two BioShock games and while at first, it seems like a totally unrelated game. Much of the gameplay elements that were in the first two BioShock were present.
We are talking learning new different abilities by altering your DNA and just the general gameplay had that BioShock feel. While the gameplay was similar the story was certainly not. This time around you play as Booker DeWitt who is a Pinkerton agent, whose life is a mess and he is hired to go to Columbia and “free” a girl and then bring her to these two people. It is really hard not to say too much without spoiling the game.
But once Booker gets to Columbia and meets Elizabeth. He realizes all is not what it seems and Columbia is on the brink of a huge civil war thanks to its crazy leader, Comstock. Elizabeth is more than meets the eye and can open rifts to other dimensions! Booker soon sees this as more than just a job and develops a real bond with Elizabeth.
BioShock Infinite has one of the most engrossing stories you will ever encounter in a game. Elizabeth has to be regarded as one of the best accompanying characters in any game and you really do care for her safety as you progress through the game. With an ending that will stay with you for days after!