New Battlefield 1 Game Mode Is Coming


New Battlefield 1 Game Mode Is Coming!

Dice and EA have done an amazing job in supporting Battlefield 1 for well over a year now. Well with Battlefield V due for release later this year, Dice have announced that they are winding things down and the monthly updates are coming to an end. However, a fun new game mode is being added.

It is called Shock Operations. It is similar to the standard Operations mode, but it kicks things up a notch. Instead of battling across many different maps, Shock Operations will take place on one map. That same kind of sector by sector combat is what the mode is all about and you can have 40 players in a game.

What is really cool about this is that the five maps that are being used are some that some Battlefield 1 players will never have played on before. This is because Dice are using maps that were part of the DLC packs. So by taking part in games of Shock Operations, you can test out some of the maps that you may have never experienced if you have passed on the DLC. Speaking of DLC maps, in the coming months more and more are going to be added for free so there is that to look forward to.

I think that this streamlined version of Operations is pretty darn fun and a great way to extend the life of Battlefield 1 a little bit longer, at the very least until Battlefield V is released in a few month’s time. Shock Operations is going to available at some point in June.