What Is Next For Battlefield


What Is Next For Battlefield?

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Battlefield 1 was a monster of a hit and it is still being supported via updates to this day, it seems like all the major updates that we are getting are out of the way and Dice are cooking something big for 2018, but what could it be?
There have been many rumors this week about a new Battlefield game coming in 2018, if you really dig deep, it actually sounds like two games could be in the works. The first rumor was that Battlefield Bad Company 3 was the game that would be released in 2018 and a popular YouTuber who “leaked” this information even made claims that it would have a Vietnam setting. This has been quite widely debunked since it was announced, but many people still feel that Bad Company 3 is in the works as we speak.
If it is not Battlefield Bad Company 3 then what is it? Well, it does seem like the next Battlefield game could be set during World War II. COD had phenomenal success with Call Of Duty WWII so it makes sense that Dice would be interested in making a game based on this. Plus with how good Battlefield 1 was, we would love to see this current team take a crack at WWII as we are sure they would do an amazing job.
No matter what kind of game we get, be it a WWII Battlefield or a return to the Bad Company series, it is almost certain that 2018 is going to see a new Battlefield game released!