Gears Of War Active Reload Controller Mod


Gears Of War Active Reload Mod Active Reload Mod For Gears Of War Here at Mods “R” Us, we have just introduced our new and awesome Mod Controllers which has gotten a lot of positive praise from you guys. One of the mods that we have on this controller which we think is really, really cool is Active Reload. Active Reload is a feature that is used in all Gears Of War Games.1) where the idea is that if you hit the RB button just at the right time as you are reloading, you will reload much quicker. You mess it up and your reload takes longer.Our Active Reload mod is just perfect, it really is. If you are playing online, either in a team death match kind of game or taking on a horde with your buddies. Being a master of the Active Reload is quite often the difference between surviving a battle or ending up dead!You will never have to worry about messing up an Active Reload with this mod! It all happens in real time and each time you reload your weapon, Active Reload will kick in and make