Action Packed Contracts In Week 5 Of COD WW2 Resistance Event


Packed Contracts In Week 5 Of COD WW2 Resistance Event

think that Sledgehammer Games are going all out with the final week
of the Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Event. The contracts so far have
all been pretty doable for this first Call Of Duty WWII event and I
think that is the same with this final week.

35 Kills In Any Mode: This one is very easy as you should be able to
rack this amount of kills up in a day or two.

35 Kills With A Pistol: Just have a day where you play only using
your pistol and you will be amazed at how quick you pull this off.

55 Kills In War: This could be a bit tricky depending on your play
style. I tend to go for the objectives more than for kills in War
Mode so I will have to spend a few games where I focus on taking the
enemy down rather than going for the objectives.

5 Headshots In Domination: I suck at headshots so if I do this…. It
will be luck. For you skilled marksmen though, you will be able to
breeze through this.
30 Kills In The Resistance Division: I am going to try and do this
while I do the first two and I think that is the best way to go about

5 Headshots In Team Deathmatch: Like the headshots in Domination, I
may struggle with this one, but as bad at headshots, as I am, surely
I can get five? Again if you are a sharpshooter, this should be quite