Week 5 Of Call Of Duty WW2 Event Brings 2XP Opportunities


Week 5 Of Call Of Duty WW2 Event Brings 2XP Opportunities

We are just about to enter the final week of the awesome Resistance Event. This has been a five week event (not four like I thought it was!) and I and most other Call Of Duty WW2 players have had a lot of fun with it For this final week, Sledgehammer Games are giving us plenty of opportunities to rake in the XP.

There is an actual 2XP Event which includes Nazi Zombies offering double XP. On February the 23rd, they are kicking things up a bit by also offering 2XP on XP in general, weapon XP and division XP. So this is a fantastic opportunity for those of you looking to shoot up a few levels.

It is not just this double XP event that is part of the final week of the Call Of Duty WW2 Resistance Event that is giving us more XP per shot! You see the featured playlist this week is once again Prop Hunt, but now Prop Hunt is giving out 2XP. I have had a blast with Prop Hunt (I really hope that it stays) and getting double XP is awesome. As well as Prop Hunt, Demolition, Search And Destroy are also offering 2XP. I have a lot of fun with this modes to so I am certainly going to make the most of this double XP offering.

I feel that the Resistance Event has been a huge success and made playing Call Of Duty WW2 multiplayer even more fun and I am looking forward to what the folks at Sledgehammer have in store for us next.